Cycle Point

Branding and Website

As a self-initated project I created a Corporate Design and Website for a bicycle brand named Cycle Point. Located in Hamburg, they offer a small range of contemporary, classic city bikes for a urban and sophisticated target group. 


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Bold and dynamic

The logo displays the letters 'C' and 'P' where the basic form symbolizes two bike wheels.
The angled subphylum is mirroring the climb and dynamics of cycling while the negative space indicates a bike chain link.
The overall goal of the logo was to be bold, dynamic and easy reacognizable, represening the whole brand.

Website and shop

Emotional and easy

The homepage includes a shop, offering a small range of bikes and a community site for people to connect to others.

The minimal and light design of the website includes bright pictures and bold headlines, underlining the clean imagery of the brand whilst easy to browse.

The main focus was to build an easy to understand website, with every important information for customers at a glance.


Caroline Lewandowski
Product Designer